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We've been working on a Tile Map Editor that combines procedurally generated terrains (Perlin Noise) with hand placed 2.5 Tiles inside the Unity editor. 

We are pretty happy with our results, and want to share it with other devs.


It is still in development so we are not charging for the tool at the moment, but donations would help to speed up the polishing of the tool.


  • World editor made of 48x48 voxel chunks.
  • Multiple independent layers for each chunk to save memory.
  • Every tile is 2.5D  made with an optimized mesh generator. Tiles can have different top and bottom materials.
  • Generation at runtime is performed in different threads, so no lagging in the game.
  • Endless Terrain Manager with LOD implemented.
  • Out-of-the-box collision generation AND A* pathfinding. No need to bake NavMeshes.
  • Store your terrain settings so you can change locations with a click.
  • Multiple tilemap materials.
  • Integrate meshes as sub-meshes of the chunks.
  • Create Map prefabs for easy reuse.
  • Different brush types and sizes, as well as different flood algorithms.
  • Change the rotation on the top textures,the rotation of meshes or the height or darkness of the tiles.
  • Visualize walkable tiles with ease.
  • Basic water system.

DEPENDENCIES: (now included in the package) :

 You will definitely need: Serializable Dictionaries for Unity

 If you want to use the A*pathfinder included in the package, you'll also need: UnityUtils - A* pathfinder.

Not included (but free):

Also, the water used requires the Basic Water Script included in Unity's standard assets.


  • Polishing the editor interaction. Currently, selecting the right tool can be unnecessarily complex. 
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • The collection of prefabs being used needs to be cleaned. 
  • Correctly implementing Undo/Redo stack.
  • Set darkness, and height by number.
  • Gradient brushes for darkness and height.
  • Managing prefabs will change from indexes to references.


  • Rooms system
  • Custom Properties for tiles based on Scriptable Objects.
  • Pooling in the Endless Terrain Manager.
  • Cleaner code through extension methods.
  • Voxel color editor
  • Terrain editor
  • Lighting system.


  • There is a non persistent glitch that randomly makes one terrain tile unevenly tall. So far, attempts to remove such a glitch have been unsuccessful.


Terrain generation follows closely the work of https://www.youtube.com/user/Cercopithecan

We hope you like it, and would like to hear your experience with the tool in a comment below. 



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